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Shipping & Delivery
We ship our products world wide. All packages are shipped very discreet.
Our organization name or anything else that would imply pharmaceutical contents of the package is never used in our shipments.

The size of our packages is never larger than what would cause unnecessary suspicion. If the order is too large to fit in one package, it will automatically be divided into two or more packages (all for one Shipment & Handling charge).

Information on where to send your payment is provided after you place an order, and its sent directly to your e-mail address. Please, follow the payment instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary delay. In case you haven't received it when placing and order, please contact us and we will send you data by email.

Order confirmation is sent to your email address automatically and immediately after you submits your order. Once payment is received, we process and dispatch your order within 2 business days. Shipping time is normally between 15 to 21 business days to US and 5 to 8 days to Europe.

However, this shipping time will depend on various factors such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, etc., which is why we give you an approximation based on our statistics and former experience.

Since we are specialized in internet mail ordering, our services are only available through our website.

Since our services are optimized to be conducted online and worldwide, you are more than welcome to contact our departments through our website. Our customer support works 24/7 and we will answer your email within 24 to 48 hours.